5 Snow and Ice Tips for Property Managers

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Contributed By: EEI Team Mary Follin
November 20, 2015

Contracts may be signed, but there is more that property managers can and should do to prepare for snow and ice events.

Take the time to thoroughly review how the work will be accomplished. These 5 tips will help you work with your snow service provider to maximize the most favorable outcomes for any type of storm.

#1 Snow Response Plan

You need a written plan for the numberless circumstances and conditions that affect the snow and ice management of your commercial properties. Start with the basics, such as agreement terms, insurance, your expectations, communication methods, etc.

Then work with your provider to plan for every conceivable storm scenario, including blizzards. It can take years to get this right, and it will be different for every property. So, start where you are and record information that will make future storm preparedness better.

#2 Snow Site Engineering

Plan where and how to stack snow. Consider line-of-sight visibility and minimizing melting/refreezing hazards, with the latter being one of the most common liability issues related to slip and fall lawsuits.

#3 Attention to Priority and Cautionary Areas

Every site has priority areas such as entrances, intersections, and circulation areas. Account for these priority areas and any obstacles, which can include fire hydrants, bicycle and shopping cart racks, and unusual parking islands.

#4 Accurate and Detailed Recording

Information is king when it comes to protecting you and your service provider in the event of a slip and fall incident. It’s essential to prove that everything that could be done to ensure safety was in fact done, and done right.

#5 Backup Measures

Winter storms are full of surprises, and the best offense is a good defense: resource reserves. This includes sufficient inventory of deicers, as well as backup sources of labor and equipment. Speak to us about commercial snow removal.

Here in the DC Metro area we’ve learned that planning for the worst gives us confidence for dealing with the most unexpected snow and ice storms.

Good luck this winter.

Environmental Enhancements Inc works with leading DC Metro area commercial property managers to conserve resources while enhancing their outdoor environments.

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