About Our Logo


We invested a significant amount of time in creating a thoughtful symbol that reflects our company philosophy, our work ethic, and how we relate to our clients. Inside the unique blend of circles, lines, and colors in our logo, you will find a graphic representation of our core beliefs—and our promise to live up to those beliefs at all times.

Grid background: The grid background represents our thorough, organized, upfront landscaping plan development process. Just as a grid helps organize information into an understandable format, so our process will give you an understandable and thorough plan for your property.

Background circle: Circles are the universal symbol of completeness, unity, and balance. This is how we approach our landscape plans, designs, and maintenance. We seek to create designs that give visual balance to properties. We also use environmentally friendly landscape treatment methods whenever possible to provide beautiful growing results that balance with nature.

Circle tree:  Everything we do is about creating beauty and enjoyment in outdoor spaces. We also recognize that our work has a significant impact on the ROI of properties. Our circle tree reflects the convergence of our process with nature, which brings order, beauty, and a positive financial return to the commercial properties we serve.