Commercial Irrigation: Make Things Less Stressful for Yourself

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April 4, 2022

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Watering a property can be tricky. When it rains a lot, it’s hard to know when to resume watering after the rain stops. And of course, we’ve had plenty of drought months, too.

When we talk about water, we always begin by recommending an irrigation system.

If you don’t have an irrigation system on your property, is it time for you to get one? We are particularly excited about our ‘smart water’ irrigation systems, which we can operate for you remotely. Our smart water systems use leading-edge technology to appropriately balance your water distribution throughout the entire property. It’s got remote control, system alerts–it even adjusts for the weather.

Read how Lincoln Property Company installed a smart water system and saved a lot of hassles—and a lot of money.

Find out how Lincoln Property Company saved money with a smart water irrigation system.

If you do have an irrigation system, your grounds will probably look pretty healthy throughout the growing season, but only if the system is properly functioning and regulated. Over winter, pipes crack, sprinkler heads get damaged, clogged, or knocked out of alignment, and controller wires can corrode. If you haven’t had your irrigation system inspected yet, please call us before the summer heat is upon us. We also may need to adjust nozzles to accommodate new plantings, so it’s important we take a look soon.

And don’t worry if we didn’t install it; we can still fix it. Learn more about irrigation installation and irrigation repairs.

Perhaps an irrigation system is not in your budget this year. If that’s the case, reach out to me about setting up a watering service for you. We have water solutions for everybody and every budget!


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