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Commercial Landscape Management Value


Commercial Landscape Management Value

We’re often asked to comment on the cost of our commercial landscape management services. That’s a fair question that we are happy to answer.

Better still would be an inquiry of the value of well-maintained landscapes for the occupants and visitors of commercial properties. As living beings our connection with the natural environment is undeniable. And that’s why people appreciate well-designed and properly maintained landscapes.

National Landscape Management Week

Our National Association of Landscape Professionals reminds us this is National Landscape Management Week. It’s timely for us in the DC metro area because now is the heart of our landscape planning and development season.

Here’s a link to an infographic that accurately depicts the many benefits of commercial landscapes, including cleaner air, more oxygen in the environment, and pollution and noise control.

The demand for professional landscaping services would not exist if personal well-being was not a significant measure of the value of beautifully maintained landscapes. The obvious alternative is to do nothing and save the investment or direct it elsewhere.

Measuring employee and tenant happiness and productivity is subjective, but it’s readily apparent to anyone paying attention. People need time and an appropriate environment to rejuvenate, and we take pride in helping businesses achieve that objective because we believe in its value.

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About the Author: Fred Peratt is head coach and owner of Environmental Enhancements, Inc, a Sterling, VA-based commercial landscape management company serving the Washington D.C. Metro Area. He is also the Education Advisory Council Chair for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

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