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Many property managers are concerned about using too many chemicals on their properties. An overabundance of toxic fertilizers, weed killers, and insecticides have potentially harmful effects on tenants, employees, and customers.

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Sterling, VA and DC Organic Lawn Care and Pest Control

We share your concern, which is why we offer sustainable landscape solutions in DC and Sterling to help keep your properties healthy. Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using environmentally friendly products to address environmental problems, including healthy soil, water-saving irrigation systems, and 100% organic tick, gnat, and mosquito control.

When you invest in sustainable landscaping solutions, people are more inclined to spend time outside, enjoy common areas, or spend quiet time on a bench. Sustainable landscaping practices also save you a significant amount of money.  Call us to find out about our local Sterling and DC organic lawn care, organic pest control, and smart water systems for your properties.

Organic vs. Synthetic Programs
Why Go Green?




Much Better Soil Quality

Water Savings

Decrease Need for Pesticides
Improve Plant Immune Systems
Prevent Toxic Run-Off
Possible Tax Incentives
Fewer Annual Plant Replacements
Healthier for Humans and Animals
Tenants and Residents are Much Happier
Lower Maintenance Costs
Initial Investment is Slightly Lower (est. 15%)
  • Do organic programs really work? They do. We’ve been developing our organic program for years, and we have happy clients who can tell you all about it.
  • Doesn’t switching to organics take a long time before a property looks good? Restoring health to landscapes depleted by chemicals does take time, so for the first few years we use a synthetic/organic mix, until the natural solution is more sustainable.
  • Don’t organic programs cost more? Not so. Once a natural balance has been restored to your properties, nutrient-rich soil, healthier root systems, native plants, and friendly pollinators make it cost less to keep it that way.

Cloud-based Irrigation Services: the Next Best Thing to Rain

By deploying cutting edge technologies, we can use remote operations to control your water usage and create the optimal balance between plant health and water savings for your DC or Sterling area sprinkler system.

We can also track water usage and generate models to demonstrate how much money you can save by adding high-efficiency nozzles and rotors. We’d be happy to do this for you – just say when!

As Part of Our Cloud-based Sprinkler Irrigation Services in DC and Sterling, We Offer:

  • Monitoring of your system remotely
  • High efficiency spray nozzle upgrades
  • High efficiency rotor head nozzles
  • Pressure-regulating spray Heads
  • Rotor heads, which reduce misting of nozzles, making water droplets more uniform so they don’t drift away in the wind
  • Smart Sensors: weather, soil moisture sensors and rain

Consisting of 100% plant-based lawn care ingredients and insecticides, our organic programs contain no harmful chemicals.

Simply put, sustainable solutions consist of all-natural fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, tick/mosquito/gnat control, and smart water systems. By adopting a sustainable solution for your DC, northern Virginia, or Sterling properties, you can feel confident you are creating a healthy, inviting place for your clients and their tenants to live, work, and shop.

We offer:
• Turf Health
• Plant Health
• Smart Water Systems
• Mosquito/Tick/Gnat Management

Consisting of 100% plant-based lawn care ingredients and insecticides, our organic programs contain no harmful chemicals.

Simply put, an organic solution consists of using all-natural fertilizers, insecticides, weed killers, and tick/mosquito/gnat control on your property. By adopting organic lawn care and fertilizer for your DC, northern Virginia, or Sterling neighborhood, you can feel confident you are creating a healthy place for your neighbors to live, work, and play.
We offer:
• Mosquito/gnat management
• Tick management
• Plant health
• Turf health

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We offer 100% natural lawn care and pest control as an option for your properties.

We encourage you to consider our organic pest control options in DC, Sterling, and the surrounding areas. Together, we can make a difference by reducing harmful chemicals in our environment.

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At Environmental Enhancements, we are always seeking ways to conserve resources and reduce harmful effects on the natural environment.
Fred Peratt

Owner, Environmental Enhancements Landscaping


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