Giving Back

Supporting the Community Ecosystem

One of the privileges of being a local business for the team at Environmental Enhancement, Inc is embracing the opportunity to collaborate with the members of our community.

We honestly believe enhancing the communities that support our business is an investment in the collective community ecosystem.  A community that works together raises everyone up, and thereby makes each one of us a better business for our efforts.

Meaningful Projects Matter to Us

Like most other small businesses, we are stretched thin, especially during the Spring and Autumn months, so we choose our commitments careful. We look for projects that are congruent with our company culture, business strengths, and leadership skills.

For example, Environmental Enhancements, Inc founder Fred Peratt is personally committed to lifelong learning and genuinely looks forward to giving back by sharing that passion with others that aspire to grow personally and professionally.

If you know of projects that may align with our interests we welcome the opportunity to discuss further. We will consider just about anything that falls within one or more of these categories:

  • Education, especially adult-education
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Culture and diversity

To learn more, please start by sharing your ideas here.