HOA Irrigation Services

We can’t make it rain, but we can keep your common areas watered. We offer state-of-the-art Sterling and DC sprinkler and irrigation services to help you improve your existing system.

A finely-tuned irrigation system keeps your community landscaping healthy, lowers your water bill, and cuts down on the amount of time (and money) you spend maintaining your grounds.


  • Spring startups
  • Summer inspections
  • System repair
  • Drip irrigation
  • Water management
  • System maintenance
  • Control clock upgrades
  • Winterizations
  • Backflow Checks

Cloud-based irrigation services: the next best thing to rain


By deploying cutting edge technologies, we can use remote operations to control your water usage and create the optimal balance between plant health and water savings for your DC or Sterling area sprinkler system.

We can also track water usage and generate models to demonstrate how much money you can save by adding high-efficiency nozzles and rotors. We’d be happy to do this for you – just say when!

As part of our cloud-based sprinkler irrigation services in DC and Sterling, we offer:

  • We monitor your system remotely
  • High efficiency spray nozzle upgrades
  • High efficiency rotor head nozzles
  • Pressure-regulating spray Heads
  • Rotor heads, which reduce misting of nozzles, making water droplets more uniform so they don’t drift away in the wind
  • Smart Sensors: weather, soil moisture sensors and rain

Be sure to ask us how we can save you money with our cloud-based irrigation services.

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