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This Fun Fact About Trees Might Surprise You

The Hidden Life of Trees is all the stuff that goes on underground—a lot more than we see from where we live.

Guess Which One is Not Like the Other

If you’re responsible for choosing a landscape provider, you have a lot to think about. It can be pretty stressful, wading through all your options and choosing a company that will do the best job for you.

A Different Kind of Beauty Contest

What’s the number one, bar none, uber best way to have the best-looking gardens and grounds on the block? As with any living organism, an environment that promotes natural resiliency, optimal growth, and disease resistance will make your landscapes look a thousand times better.

Community Managers, Make Your Residents Love You!

Read Fred Peratt’s newest article, published on

Remember When YOU Used to Do This?

Let’s talk about water! Since you’re the one who’s responsible for protecting your landscaping investment during the hot and dry months of summer, now is the time to make sure you have your services lined up.

One More Thing to Worry About [Sorry About This]

Not meaning to alarm you, but we’re seeing an unusual uptick in unwelcome critters this year. When we don’t get snow, we’re usually in for more invasive species that don’t get killed by winter freeze.

‘Found’ Money

Strange weather year, isn’t it? Unless you’re a kid, you’re probably loving the break we’re getting from Old Man Winter. At EE, we’re all geared up for the snow season, but clearly, it’s been much ado about nothing

What’s Green, Smart, and Growing in Popularity? [Hint: Not the Geico Gecko]

Even if you’ve never seen one, you may have been hearing about the concept lately. We’re finding that more of our clients are inquiring about—and installing—green roofs on their buildings.

Tooting Our Own Horn, A Heartwarming Story, and Year at a Glance

To all our clients, we are grateful for you. And for those of you we haven’t yet had the pleasure of serving, give us a chance! Every once in a while we like to toot our own horn, so here goes.

A Critical Winter Message [Especially for Older Properties]

We’ve noticed that rejuvenation pruning and deep root fertilization are often omitted from landscape maintenance RFPs. I mean, do you REALLY need to pay someone to do that? How important is it?

The short answer is ‘very.’

The Big Picture, Your Story, and A Movie

If you’re ready to ‘level-up’ your landscaping, it’s time to talk about a Master Plan. Or maybe you’ve inherited a new property, and you’re starting from scratch. Either way, a large-scale landscaping renovation can feel daunting (and expensive!), which is why we always start with a Master Plan.

Look Ma! No Gas!

One of our ongoing goals has been to stay on the front-end of ‘going green.’ Over the course of this year, we’ve purchased a fleet of battery-operated lawnmowers and a variety of battery-operated small-engine tools.

Beautiful Shots, Proposal Strategies, and Happy Plants

Did you know we provide landscaping services and outdoor lighting to homeowners? While you know us for our commercial landscaping services, what you might not know is that we also provide landscaping and outdoor lighting services to individual residences.

Caring, Moving Day, and Dirt

Just as a steady diet of fast foods jeopardizes an individual’s health, synthetic fertilizers can make your soil sick. Soils are made up mostly of minerals, with space for air and water. How you care for and feed your soil affects soil structure, plant performance, and resident microbes.

Environmental Enhancements Wins 2022 Commuter Connections Employer Recognition Award

Environmental Enhancements is proud to announce that it has received a 2022 Employer Recognition Award. 

A Problem in Northern VA That’s Getting Much Worse

As we all know, Northern Virginia is developing at a brisk pace, to the point where there’s hardly room to squeeze anything else in. Because of tear-downs and new construction, people are experiencing increasing issues with too much water running through their properties.

Subtle Cues, Hidden Flaws, and Jane’s Story

Landscaping has a strong impact on tenants, customers, and guests. Without proper maintenance and updating, properties begin to look—and feel—tired. 

Sustainable Landscaping: What It Is and What It Means to Your Community

Sustainable landscapes are designed to fit seamlessly into the environment, regenerate with minimal maintenance, and be part of the overall health of a community.

Commercial Irrigation: Make Things Less Stressful for Yourself

Watering a property can be tricky. When it rains a lot, it’s hard to know when to resume watering after the rain stops. And of course, we’ve had plenty of drought months, too.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting, a Low Cost, High Impact Investment

While a minimum amount of outdoor lighting is a necessity so nobody falls in a pool, wild animals stay away, and intruders are deterred, lights can be one of the most cost-effective ways to create an entirely new look for your building, common areas, or home.

EE Voted One of 2022’s Best Workplaces for Commuters

This award is one that we are particularly proud of!

Landscaping Trends in a Post-Pandemic World

Article by Fred Peratt in CAIDC’s Quorum Magazine—Landscaping Trends in a Post-Pandemic World.

Fred Peratt Talks Organics with Irrigation Association

Fred Peratt, head coach and owner of Environmental Enhancements, regularly attends his homeowner association clients’ landscape committee meetings.

Conscientious Landscaping Habits

Fred Peratt talks about conscientious landscaping practices in the November issue of Quorum Magazine.

The Urgency of Organics

Now more than ever, we at Environmental Enhancements feel a sense of urgency about choosing organics. To help you understand how simple—and cost effective—it is to switch to an organic program, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Monitor Your Properties for Landcaping Distress

Enjoy Fred’s article in the April issue of Quorum! “Compliments are hard to come by, aren’t they? When a property is well-taken-care-of, people don’t often make an effort to tell you how impressed they are.

Fred Peratt Talks Landscaping Safety

Fred Peratt contributes to article in Total Landscape Care Online Publication “A safety culture is extremely important because our primary responsibility is for every employee to arrive home safely every day,” says Fred Peratt.

Why One Community Manager Made the Switch

Now more than ever, we at Environmental Enhancements feel a sense of urgency about choosing organics. To help you understand how simple—and cost effective—it is to switch to an organic program, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Time For Your Community To Go Organic?

Read Fred’s article in Quorum Magazine about community managers who are choosing organic landscaping—and how it works. We continually hear from our HOA clients that homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about the sprays…

We Won an NALP Safety Award!

We’ve always put safety first. It’s nice to be recognized for it! Once again, the National Association of Landscaping Professionals has recognized Environmental Enhancements as a company with high-performing safety programs that create…

Easy Spring Cleanup Checklist

Now more than ever, we at Environmental Enhancements feel a sense of urgency about choosing organics. To help you understand how simple—and cost effective—it is to switch to an organic program, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

5 Strategic Landscape Design Areas to Watch Out For

You want a landscape design that’s easy to manage and budget-friendly. But homeowners don’t care about that. They want to live and play in homes with beautiful, inviting outdoor spaces. Fortunately, with careful planning, you can make…

When It’s Your Turn to Water

Do you remember the summer we got the exact amount of rain we needed? The year Mother nature kept an eye on things and we didn’t need to water our lawns even once? Neither do we. The reality is, if you live in the DC area and…

Find the Right Landscaping Company for You

 Ever notice how fast the seasons fly by? No sooner have you finished your spring clean up, fertilizing and mulching, than it’s time to rake leaves and plant fall bulbs. Because of this, many homeowners are choosing to leave yard maintenance…

Switching to MyYard Organics

If you have kids or pets, you’ve probably felt concern about the sprays, granules, and powders you rely on to keep your yard looking as good as it does. Children often have fragile immune systems, and Fido eats everything. Maybe you’ve…

Beautiful Landscaping Affects Moods

IN ADDITION TO providing functional places for people to live and work, commercial property developers and managers have a unique opportunity to make a difference for tenants by paying close attention to the green spaces surrounding properties.…

7 Signs Your Property’s Landscape Needs Refreshing

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that hasn’t been updated in a while? The sheets are clean, the complimentary breakfast is well-stocked and the front desk employees are courteous. Yet, something feels off. You probably won’t book a room…

Somebody Likes Us

Environmental Enhancements, located in Sterling, VA, has been providing a full range of environmentally-friendly landscaping services to commercial property managers and homeowners in the DC metro area since 2001. Owner, Fred Peratt, believes…

Open Communications with Your Landscaping Company

Let’s take a moment to imagine your worst nightmare. Lazy Landscaping Company has just finished plowing your parking lot. Business owners, employees or residents trickle out during the day, only to find a mound of snow in front…

Property Manager’s Guide to Landscaping Strategies

Property Manager’s Guide: We want to be your ‘go-to’ resource for all of your landscaping strategies. As part of that initiative, we created an eGuide for you: A Property Manager’s Guide: Landscaping Strategies That Will Make Your Tenants…

Environment-Friendly Landscaping: Doing the Right Thing

Your tenants have children, pets, and bare feet in the summertime. They care about environment-friendly landscaping, and when they find out you do, too, they will be more likely to choose your properties. Far too many landscaping…

Snow and Ice Management: Be Prepared

What crosses YOUR mind when you see snow in the forecast? Something about hot chocolate and bunny slippers? Yeah, right. For property managers, snowy days mean messy properties – and long hours on the phone. But winter weather…

Landscape Design Strategies: Make Your Tenants Say ‘Wow.’

Now more than ever, we at Environmental Enhancements feel a sense of urgency about choosing organics. To help you understand how simple—and cost effective—it is to switch to an organic program, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Commercial Landscape Management Value

We’re often asked to comment on the cost of our commercial landscape management services. That’s a fair question that we are happy to answer. Better still would be an inquiry of the value of well-maintained landscapes for…

Hidden Contract Costs that Wreck Budgets

It’s that time of the year when we start gearing up for budget reviews and planning. More than half of the landscape season is now being behind us. So you’ve got a pretty good idea where you stand. You’ll get to the numbers,…

Grade Your Commercial Properties for Springtime Appearance, Health, and Safety

At this time of the year, your commercial properties should be looking their very best. Spring conditions are nearly always kind to landscapes, especially after a winter with lots of protective snow cover to minimize the damaging effects…

3 Post-Event Snow Safety Tips for Property Managers

When it comes to snow safety and risk management, there is always more to do until warmer weather brings the site back to bare, dry pavement. Here are 3 post-storm safety measures property managers can take today to ensure the safety…

5 Snow and Ice Tips for Property Managers

Contracts may be signed, but there is more that property managers can and should do to prepare for snow and ice events. Take the time to thoroughly review how the work will be accomplished. These 5 tips will help you work with your snow…

Our Founders Landscaping Journey

Now more than ever, we at Environmental Enhancements feel a sense of urgency about choosing organics. To help you understand how simple—and cost effective—it is to switch to an organic program, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Resource Conservation: The Future of Landscape Management

If you have been reading the news lately, you are aware of the fact that the state of California isn’t the only state in a desperate situation with regards to water supply. Those of us in the green industry know that this is not an…

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‘Found’ Money

Featuring Spring, March 2023 Strange weather year, isn't it? Unless you're a kid, you're probably loving the break we're getting from Old Man Winter. At EE, we're all geared up for the snow season, but clearly, it's been much ado about nothing. Besides getting to eat...

Administrative Assistant, Irrigation Services

Reports to: Irrigation Director Exemption Status: Exempt Position Summary In the role of Administrative Assistant, Irrigation Services, the primary function is to support the Irrigation Team and our company by administering, organizing, and maintaining irrigation...

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Reports to: Lighting Director Exemption Status: Non-Exempt Position Summary The primary role of the Outdoor Lighting Service Technician is to service, repair and install outdoor lighting systems using best practices. The person in this role will be directed by the...

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