Landscape Design/Marketing Manager

Reports to: General Manager
Date Prepared: March 2022
Exemption Status: Exempt

Position Summary

The Landscape Design/Marketing Manager is an integral member of the management team that provides both design and marketing support to the organization. The Landscape Design/Marketing Manager will work closely with clients, the Executive Team and production group to create, present, and execute design concepts that fulfill client landscape interests, with an agreed financial budget, and shall promote business opportunities for EEI. Additionally, the Landscape Design/Marketing Manager shall spearhead, conduct, and support all marketing campaigns that support business development and opportunities for EEI.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Landscape Design as assigned by the General Manager and Executive Team, create landscape/masonry design concepts plans that provide solutions to client’s landscape interests; work within given estimated budgets for labor and materials costs.
  • Develop and conduct concept presentations in conjunction with the Executive Team to support new business opportunities as part of the project sales process.
  • Maintain design document files, including revisions, for existing and prospective clients.
  • Ensures Landscape/Masonry designs remain in compliance with local/state codes and regulations and are developed using accepted industry trade standards and practices.
  • Consult with clients, management team and production staff on design concepts and changes to those concepts in a timely manner for all on-going projects.
  • Consult with production team and clients as necessary for the execution of the landscape projects.
  • Ensure materials and estimated costs are sourced according to plan, availability, quality, and budget.
  • Continually research and utilize design techniques that enhance presentation and understanding of concept on behalf of the client by use of available software or other design application options.
  • Track all design hours by client to ensure accurate application of hours to project and for accurate billing.


  • Create/update client profile information that will enable EEI to target specific geographic, financial, and other pertinent demographic information for landscape and masonry design/build services, landscape maintenance and irrigation/lighting services.
  • Maintain existing client and prospective company-wide client database as a source for all marketing campaign activities.
  • Create and present for approval the annual marketing plan with associated budget.
  • Execute approved annual marketing plan as outlined.
  • Plan and coordinate all marketing campaigns with the assistance of company staff.
  • Track and measure all responses and activities because of the campaign and report findings to management team on a periodic basis.
  • Make recommended suggestions for improvement of marketing results and adjust accordingly.
  • Keep abreast of competitive marketing efforts and new marketing concepts available and report findings periodically to management team.

Management Team Responsibilities

  • Be a contributing team member to the management team and business development efforts to always promote a positive and professional image.
  • Support and assist all employee recruiting/marketing efforts as assigned on behalf of the company.
  • Attend on behalf of the company prospecting/association and organization meetings that enhance the promotion of EEI in the marketplace as assigned.
  • Attend employee recruiting functions as assigned.
  • Participate in all relevant company business community and trade show activities.



  • Minimum 2-year experience working as a designer for a landscape management/contracting firm in the same or comparable market.
  • Minimum 1 year of marketing related experience including marketing plan development and execution within a given budget.
  • Design and presentation experience that is similar in nature to the size and scope of work at EEI.
  • Demonstrated results of related design/sales work that has enabled similar firms to reach targeting sales and marketing goals.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in landscape production.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with clients and employees in a team setting.
  • Proven sales experience preferred.

Skills/Knowledge & Education

  • Landscape Architecture degree or Landscape Design.
  • Associates degree and/or equivalent in work experience combined with marketing coursework preferred.
  • Self-starter capable of meeting deadlines established by the company and clients.
  • Must be capable of working with people in a team-based setting and one-one one with clients, including strong persuasive skills to elicit confidence in EEI with the company.
  • Ability to work in a multi-task and fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to read and interpret landscape plans and graphic designs required.
  • Must be capable of performing basic arithmetic calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, simple algebraic equations, simple geometric formulas for area and volume, plan measurements using engineering or architect’s scale.
  • Valid Virginia’ driver’s license with reasonably clean record that is acceptable to the company and the contracted insurance carrier.
  • Proven leadership ability that is demonstrated through clear organizational and communication skills with clients and fellow team members.
  • Ability to write English sufficiently to communicate with clients and employees. Must be able to review and understand financial information/reports provided.
  • Proficient understanding and usage (including development and printing of reports) of Microsoft WORD, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (e-mail) or equivalent program.

Physical and Other Requirements

  • Ability to sit for prolonged periods of time to design, plan, attend meetings, and sit in a company vehicle for up to 8 hours (full day) at a time if necessary.
  • Throughout a typical workday, must be able to periodically stoop, stretch and reach for office materials and supplies and lift supplies and equipment from at least 1 lb. – 25 lbs.
  • Must possess sufficient correctable close vision to be able to read reports, plans and computer screens for extended periods of time (full workday).
  • Must have sufficient distance and peripheral vision to gauge distances and site conditions and recognize job related hazards, including road hazards from driving.
  • Must possess sufficient hearing to communicate with clients by phone and in face-to-face situations and crowded rooms/areas to hold conversations.
  • Must be well-groomed and dressed in suitable business attire as specified in the employee handbook.
  • Must be willing to work a minimum of 8 – 10 hours/day and work weeks more than fifty hours, including occasional weekends and evenings.

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