Push This Tiny Lever for Surprising Outcomes

Contributed By: KyleThurman, Design Director, EEI
May 29, 2024

Summer Scoop, June 2024

As a property manager, you have pretty big fish to fry. You need to maintain the property, respond to urgent calls, and make sure your buildings stay full, leased, rented, occupied—whatever you refer to it by!

May I recommend some seasonal plantings to help you with this?

Annuals offer bursts of color that transform ordinary spaces into a visual feast. Whether you’re lining walkways, freshening up beds, or making common areas ‘pop,’ annuals create a happy, welcoming glow. They also offer flexibility, allowing you to change the color scheme with each season.

People love celebrating the seasons!

Installing annuals at the appropriate time of year—right now, think impatiens, begonias, salvia, marigolds, petunias, zinnias—will help balance out fading perennial colors. Perennials are a great foundation, but once they’ve peaked, they’ll usually only bloom sporadically.

Installing seasonal flowers is the most cost-effective way to do a ‘redesign’ on your building. The fastest, too. You’d be surprised how quickly we can install multiple beds to give you a brand new look practically overnight.

And if you can’t swing all your beds, even just freshening up the entranceway will do. Containers are a good option, too.

Tiny levers, big outcomes.

We will definitely want to get you on the schedule soon so your clients can enjoy your new look all summer. Call me!

Download our guide for property managers: Landscaping Strategies that will Make Your Tenants Love You

Sustainable Landscaping Corner

How Do Smart Water Systems Help the Planet?

Smart water controllers are like an eco-savvy landscaping partner. These hi-tech irrigation systems can manage your watering schedule by adjusting sprinklers based on weather and soil conditions.

Here’s what your smart water system can do:

  1. Conserve water by adjusting watering schedules based on real-time weather data and soil conditions, preventing overwatering, and reducing water waste.
  2. Keep soil appropriately moistened so beneficial microbial communities can thrive.
  3. Provide remote control, allowing you to manage your irrigation system from anywhere using smartphone apps, which avoids leakage (and spewing) when the system is unattended.

Smart water systems not only promote water conservation and sustainability but also make landscape maintenance more convenient and cost-effective for you.

Read about how Lincoln Property Company saved money by installing a smart water system.

We have lots of ideas for you this month! Call me if you’re looking to freshen up your properties for summer or want to learn more about smart water systems.

Warm Regards,

Kyle Thurman
Design Director

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