Reflections, Amber’s Story, and a Ho Hum Buster

Contributed By: EEL Team Mary Follin
January 31, 2024

A Winter’s Tale, February 2024

We work closely with our clients to make sure they’re happy with our work.

January is a pretty reflective time of year for me. In 2023, I returned to Environmental Enhancements after having been gone a few years. But I’m not the only one who’s back—Jimmy and Erika came back, too. Almost everybody on the leadership team has worked with Fred, our president and coach, for many, many years.

As a team, we share a longterm vision and are inspired by the leadership here at EE. Fred has instilled in all of us a sense of purpose for everything we do. We care a lot about our colleagues, and we feel that way about our clients, too.

If you haven’t gotten to know us yet, let’s set up a conversation. We’d love to demonstrate how hard we’ll work to make sure you’re happy with our service—and that you like working with us!

For this month, I’ve collected a few success stories for you to take a look at. These stories are great examples of some of the issues we were able to help our clients with, and how we partner with them to get things done.

If you’e not yet a client of ours, we’d love to take care of your properties in the same way!


Lincoln Property Manager Sees Environmental Enhancements as ‘Part of Her Team’

Two years into her career as a property manager with Lincoln Property Company, Amber Truxell ‘broke up’ with her landscape provider and switched to Environmental Enhancements. Apparently, her previous provider was having difficulties…Read More

QTS Data Center Makes a Strong First Impression

When QTS Regional Site Services Manager Keith Rigsby first connected with Environmental enhancements, he was concerned about the attention to detail and quality of service he was getting from his current provider. “At QTS data centers, we are proud of the looks and esthetics of each of our facilities,” he says…Read More

Why One Community Manager Made the Switch

As a brand-new property manager, legume & Norman Associate Community Manager Kelli Lencioni was assigned two small communities in Arlington, VA—with one caveat. On both properties, there were landscaping issues. On average, these two clients were turning over their landscaping providers once a year…Read More

Lincoln Property Company Makes a Smart Decision to Install a Smart Water System

It all started when Lincoln Property Company Senior Engineer Scott Kelly received a $12,000 water bill for Lincoln Park I, a commercial building located on Lincoln Park Drive in Herndon, VA. Trouble was, the building’s irrigation system had been shut off during the entire billing cycle…Read More

One Lincoln Property Manager is Now Confident the Job Will Get Done

When Lincoln Properties’ Tiffany Haller inherited clients as a new property manager, she didn’t have to look far when she needed to find a landscaping provider. Her manager’s entire portfolio was under the care of Environmental Enhancements, so she…Read More

Sustainable Landscaping Corner

Natural Fertilizers, So Exciting!

Fertilizer may sound like a pretty ho hum topic, but not to us. If everybody really knew the role natural fertilizers play in saving the planet, they’d probably talk about it as much as we do!

Organic fertilizers are derived from natural sources like compost and animal manure, and not only do they nurture your turf, they play an integral role in something called carbon drawdown (more about that in a minute).

Unlike synthetic fertilizers that can harm the environment, organic alternatives promote soil health. They support a thriving ecosystem within the soil, enhancing microbial activity and improving nutrient cycling. This not only boosts plant health but also reduces the dependence on chemical solutions to sustain it.

Now, about the carbon drawdown.

By harnessing the power of organic matter, natural fertilizers act as carbon sinks, pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. This dual role of promoting healthy landscapes and actively participating in carbon ‘sequestration’ makes organic fertilizers a powerful ally in the fight against climate change.

Watch ‘Jane’s Story‘ to find out more about how this works.

In essence, choosing organic fertilizers isn’t just about growing healthier lawns; it’s a conscious step towards a greener future. By adopting earth-friendly fertilizers, you’re not only nurturing your own properties, you’re contributing to the collective effort to build a more sustainable world as well.

I’d love to tell you about our organic options. Call me or email me!

Warm Regards,

Kyle Thurman
Design Director
Ask About Organic Options! Environmental Enhancements

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