Strategic Planning

Having a comprehensive plan is essential for effective property management. Although, that’s just the beginning when it comes to managing outdoor environments.

Former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The plan is nothing; the planning is everything.” What Eisenhower was saying was the physical plan is not nearly as important as the critical analysis of the planning process.

We agree, and that is why we created The Enhanced Landscape Process™. Comprehensive and effective strategic planning and development is how we work with our customers to eliminate waste and find efficiencies that lead to better and more reliable budgets and time frames.

We believe our clients should not only understand what we are doing, but why, it to collaboratively improve their property while also managing short and long-term costs.

When a comprehensive plan is not in place, property management expenditures go up. One of the dirty little secrets of our profession is that many companies will do your planning for free to get to the profitable work that follows.

Isn’t it smarter to invest in a process that promises to not just give you a plan or roadmap, but the confidence that comes from knowing everything that matters has been carefully and thoughtfully studied to prepare for optimal efficiencies?

We think so too!

Our Enhanced Landscape Process™ consists of 3 essential phases.

  1. Communication and Discovery
    We consider:

    • Long-term property objectives
    • Aesthetic & functional requirements
    • Budget & time frame
  2. Planning and Development
    Together we:

    • Identify priorities based on budget and property needs
    • Address current & future concerns
    • Find waste & inefficiency in your current program
    • Proactively address site conditions that are not working
    • Create a preliminary 3-5 year plan
  3. Collaboration and Refinement
    You receive:

    • Changes & edits based on client feedback
    • Face-to-face presentation of final Master Plan
    • Property management recommendations
    • To-scale plans, CAD-based color renderings of recommendations
    • Elevation drawings (3/D renderings available)
    • Comprehensive budget