The Hero Nobody Wants to Talk About

Contributed By: KyleThurman, Design Director, EEI
January 3, 2024

A Winter’s Tale, January 2024

Proper drainage is a superhero of sustainable landscaping. Read the Sustainable Landscaping Corner below to find out why.

If you’re ready to ‘level-up’ your landscaping, it’s time to talk about a Master Plan. Or maybe you’ve inherited a new property, and you’re starting from scratch. Either way, a large-scale landscaping renovation can feel daunting (and expensive!), which is why we always start with a Master Plan.

A Master Plan is a sketch of your property that encompasses how your property looks now—and how you want it to look in 5 years. By doing this, we can take a phased approach to new installations to account for planned changes in the property’s configuration (e.g., a new wing on a building), maturation of your current landscaping, and your budget.

You don’t want to have to move expensive plant materials because you’ve got mature shrubs encroaching on the patio you plan to install three years from now!

A Master Plan will help us prioritize what’s important to you first, then as budget allows, we’ll phase in next steps. We can also get a head start on trees and shrubs that take longer to mature so it all comes together upon completion of the plan. As an added bonus, the smaller sizes cost less.

A Master Plan will save you money in the long run, but just as importantly, your property will have a more cohesive, well-designed look. As a landscape designer, master plans are a particular expertise I’ve acquire over the years. Let’s talk about a Master Plan for your properties.

Call me and we’ll get you started!

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Sustainable Landscaping Corner

Drainage: The Unsung Hero of Sustainable Landscaping

A question for you. Why is it that people wait too long to address drainage problems? Drainage repair is disruptive, costs money, and if you don’t look too closely, it might even take care of itself. Right?

Good drainage is like a superhero for your soil. An expertly designed drainage system stops water from over-watering your grounds, which keeps your properties from turning into a soggy mess. Your plants get the space they need to grow healthy roots, soak up nutrients, and avoid drowning in heavy rains.

In other words, Proper drainage helps prevent soil erosion, preserving the topsoil and preventing the loss of valuable nutrients, which is crucial for sustaining the long-term health and fertility of your properties.

And let’s talk about water conservation, a big deal in the sustainability game. A solid drainage system doesn’t just stop water waste; it helps you make the most of rainwater. With proper drainage, your lawn and beds become more adept at storing rainwater and less likely to become overrun by torrents of rain in heavy downpours,

But that’s not all. A good drainage system also keeps away water-related mold and fungus, making sure your landscape stays disease-free. No stagnant pools, just a healthy habitat for your plants and the creatures that visit them.

If you’ve been noticing a swampy feel underfoot as you walk your property or rivulets running through your beds, we’d be happy to come out and let you know what we need to do to fix it.

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Warm Regards,

Kyle Thurman
Design Director
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