This Fun Fact About Trees Might Surprise You

Contributed By: Kyle Thurman
August 2, 2023

Summer Scoop, August 2023

Did you know a tree’s root system can spread 1.5 to 10 times the size of a tree’s crown?

The Hidden Life of Trees is all the stuff that goes on underground—a lot more than we see from where we live. With such a (proportionately) massive root system, many large and small trees can benefit from deep root fertilization at least once a year.

Deep root fertilization is a type of fertilizer application method used to help restore trees that are in distress or beginning to decline. This treatment uses specialized equipment to inject nutrients into the soil around your trees’ roots.

By doing this, you will help improve soil drainage by improving aeration, especially around tree roots near hardscapes or curbs. And because we’ve had a few weeks of drought conditions, many of your trees may have already experienced root damage that can lead to other problems, like root rot, wood rot, and an inability to tolerate pesticides.

Now is a good time to have this treatment done. We particularly recommend annual deep-root fertilization for your specimen trees, especially the ones that appear to be failing.

Call me and I will help you out with this!

Check out our year-round landscaping checklist!

Sustainable Landscaping Corner

The Pros and Cons of Battery Operated Equipment

If you’ve switched to battery-operated equipment for use in your own yard, you probably have some opinions about this new technology. Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? New technologies can take a while to iron the wrinkles out, but that’s not a good reason to wait to switch.


Here’s what we like about our battery-operated equipment:

LESS MAINTENANCE Battery-operated anything involves a much simpler system: no oil changes, no gas, no filter changes. Fewer moving parts means fewer things to go wrong.

LESS NOISE How about a purr instead of a roar? Customers, tenants, and neighbors all appreciate the quieter experience of battery-operated equipment.

SUSTAINABLE Battery-operated equipment is more eco-friendly and efficient than its gas counterpart.


It’s not all a bed of roses. Here are some issues we’ve had to contend with as we continue to build our inventory of battery-operated equipment:

NEED FOR HIGHER VOLTAGE IN OUR POWER SUPPLY (We found that out the hard way.)

LIMITED RUNTIME We always need to be prepared with extra batteries for swapping out. When you’re in the middle of mowing a huge property, it’s not like an electric toothbrush that loses its charge. Just finish brushing your teeth later, right?

LOGISTICS Figuring out how to keep equipment powered up and how to make room for spare batteries on trucks is, well, complicated.

We’re in the process of converting into an entirely battery-operated landscaping company. It hasn’t been easy, and initial costs run pretty high. But we are dedicated to sustainable programs and committed to doing our part.

Let me know if you’d like to hear how we’re using battery-operated equipment or about any other sustainable landscaping options!

Warm Regards,

Kyle Thurman
Design Director
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