What are Hardscapes?

What are Hard Scapes?

what is hardscapesStarting a new landscaping project is an exciting endeavor no matter what the occasion. For commercial gardening purposes, there is a lot to consider before embarking on your landscaping adventure. Questions to consider at the beginning are: What is my vision for the landscape? What is my budget? What is the expected timeline?  What do all these landscaping terms mean? What are Hardscapes? Where should I get started?  We may not be able to answer the first questions without more information on your landscaping goals. That being said, we can surely answer that last one!

Hardscaping refers to all the non-living, and inanimate features in landscaping. While these elements may not be the first that comes to mind with landscaping, they are just as important as their living counterparts. Hardscapes are dynamic, bringing added personality and function to any project you can think of.

What Is the Difference Between Hardscaping and Softscaping?

Softscaping is the opposite of hardscaping; an umbrella term for organic and living elements. Some examples include flowers, trees, grass, and shrubs. Landscaping typically combines hardscaping and softscaping features together to create beautiful gardens and lawns. 

What Are Some Examples of Hardscaping?

As mentioned earlier, hardscaping is any element in a garden or lawn that is non-living. This does not mean dead plants! Instead, think of patios, fences, walkways, pergolas, and walls. Additionally, water features such as ponds, fountains, or pools are included within hardscaping.  Materials often used for hardscaping include stone, brick, wood, concrete, metal, and tile. 

What Are the Benefits of Hardscaping?

What are hardscapes?Hardscaping has a number of benefits for you and your landscaping project. Here are just a few:

  • Hardscaping allows for organization within more natural areas. For example, a stone walkway acts as a guide throughout a garden, and a fence adds structural definition. 
  • They usually require little to no maintenance. Depending on what hardscaping features you decide on, there could be practically zero maintenance – much less than plants, at least. 
  • Many hardscapes easily up the enjoyment factor to any exterior area, and add value to your property. Patios and decks allow you to be outside for extended amounts of time and fully appreciate your space. In a similar fashion, hardscaping can add extra privacy, making it more comfortable to enjoy your time outside. 

How Much Will Hardscaping Cost North Virginia?

This will vary greatly depending on what your hardscaping ideas look like, and what materials you plan to use. Budgeting is an important step in any project, and it is best to consult with local professionals if you have any questions or concerns. 

Where Can I Find More Information from a Landscape Designer in North Virginia?

If you would like more information on hardscapes, softscaping, or anything else associated with commercial landscaping,  feel free to contact us today.  On our website, you can also learn more about our landscape designer services, HOA landscapers, commercial landscaper services, landscape gardener, sprinkler repairs, irrigation services and organic lawn care services.


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